Zealotry – ‘The Charnel Expanse’

Artist: Zealotry

Title: The Charnel Expanse

Label: Memento Mori

Year: 2013

Review by Vermox

The Charnel Expanse is an album that can be compared to the likes of Immolation only on a superficial level. Although there are many comparisons based on the surface level parallelism of the Immolation sound, Zealotry have managed to carve their own distinct sound through their assimilation of many other apparent influences.
The serpentine and angular riffage and otherwordly atmosphere occasionally punctuated by off-kilter rhythms brings to mind the more immediate thought of Demilich, but also avant prog acts like …


Cult of Eibon – ‘Lycan Twilight Sorcery’

Artist: Cult of Eibon

Title: Lycan Twilight Sorcery

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Year: 2017

Review by JH

After releasing an EP “Fullmoon Invocation” in 2016, the Athens-based necromancers return with their second offering entitled “Lycan Twilight Sorcery” released under the banner of Iron Bonehead Productions.
As far as bands opting for the old Greek black metal sound nowadays, there are two kinds: weak imitators and bands who nail it to a tee. Fortunately, Cult of Eibon falls in the latter category. Of course, it really helps when the band members are Greek themselves. The music effectively conveys …


The Black Sorcery – ‘And The Beast Spake From Above’

Artist: The Black Sorcery

Title: And The Beast Spake From Above

Label: Krucyator Productions / Hammer of Damnation

Year: 2018

Review by JH

The Black Sorcery hail from Canada and features members from The Projectionist, Diabolus Amator, Thy Sepulchral Moon, etc.
This band gets promoted as bestial black/death (aka war metal), but this actually sounds more like brutal blackened death metal if you ask me.
Sure, there are black/death elements present in the guitars and the way they are played; I can hear traits from bands like Revenge, Archgoat, and so on — but the vocals are a bit uncommon for this style: …


Barbaric Horde – ‘Tainted Impurity’

Artist: Barbaric Horde

Title: Tainted Impurity

Label: War Arts Productions

Year: 2017

Review by JH

When a band takes their name from a Bestial Warlust track, you know you’re in for some heavy shit — and that’s exactly what these Portuguese miscreants deliver with their second offering, “Tainted Impurity.”
Everything about this band is primitive. Even the artwork, which depicts two crossed baseballs bats hinged with spikes behind a gasmask. Barbaric Horde offers five tracks of cavernous war metal with an ascetic devotion to extremity; violent vocals, hammering drums, and a barrage of sick riffs. …


Interview: Hordes of the Black Cross

The Aussie bunch known as Hordes of the Black Cross specialize in lethal black thrash that goes straight for the throat. The following interview was conducted with vocalist Halla and bassist Korpse Horde in June, 2017.
Greetings! Firstly, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. How’s it going? I suppose the heat is killing you guys over there at the moment?
Halla: Yes indeed! Thanks indeed for having us on board with Underground Siege.
I have since relocated from Melbourne, …