Bustum – ‘Demonolosophy’

Artist: Bustum

Title: Demonolosophy

Label: Regimental

Year: 2012

Review by JH

Hailing from the darkened landscapes of Croatia, these maniacs began their activities back in 2002, and have released three demos up until the release of this full length.

Demonolosophy presents a total of ten tracks with a running time of just over thirty three minutes of devilish and epic black metal. Musically, these guys don’t fuck around. All instruments are well executed and never sounding too forced, which can only suggest one thing: experience. Some of the arrangements lean to the more chaotic side, whilst some parts are more simplistic and straight forward, but always mercilessly heavy in its delivery. The production is solid, not as ‘raw’ compared to some other bands; nevertheless, the clear production seem to works in favor. I do think, however, the band would benefit from a more organic sound, although it could just be me.

There are moments of epic melody which brings to mind the assault of bands like Nifelheim, Dissection, or early Gorgoroth. The overall music should not be mistaken as ‘soft’ when we speak of melody, since every track pulls the listener deeper into the abyss.

Demonolosophy is a solid effort in my opinion and my first taste of real black metal from Croatia. I hope to hear more from these demons in the future.