Death Yell – ‘Morbid Rites’

Artist: Death Yell

Title: Morbid Rites

Label: Nuclear War Now!

Year: 2006

Review by JH

Death Yell was an old cult band from Chile who played an obscure and abrasive form of death/thrash derivative of bands such as Minotaur, Sepultura and Sadus. Their ’89 demo is quite overlooked, so Mr Yosuke sought and deemed it appropriate to compile their early material in the form of this hefty compilation entitled Morbid Rites which has the same title as their Ep from ’92.

The presented material is hostile, with possessed vocals to pierce your ear canals, along with a savage and hammering percussion, that’s both primitive and blast-frenzy, delivering rapid blasts on occasion to intensify the performance. The sound is fucking raw, albeit comprehensible enough for the instruments to be heard; so there shouldn’t be any complaints, unless you’re one of those clean production freaks, then stay away. This is pure South American madness from the infernal pits of tartarus.

Overall, Morbid Rites presents 11 tracks; 6 of which are recorded in a studio, whilst the others are live presentations. I must say though, these live tracks are fucking furious and worth alone the price of this compilation. I thoroughly enjoy this release and find myself reiteratively revisiting, only to have my mind fragmented by the brutal assault, every-godamn-time.