N.I.L. – ‘Neglect.Forget.Remember’

Artist: N.I.L.

Title: Neglect.Forget.Remember

Label: Regimental

Year: 2011

Review by JH

N.I.L. (Nihilism is Liberation) is the manifestation of L. Imperial and J. Marcheski; with the chaos in question drawing strong comparisons to Krieg and Profanatica. The discordant, unmelodic and minimal approach to the music, accompanied with the bass heavy assault, is sure to make some nuns projectile vomit like it’s going out of fashion.

The atmosphere feels bleak and illustrate a desolate landscape where the site of life is imperceptible… where the graves of mortals come by the dozen. The vocals are abrasive and inflated with hate, with the guitars ripping away in the most bleak, hypnotic way imaginable. The drums are played in a chaotic, almost “improvised” way, yet come off as inventive despite its minimalist approach. Simplicity is the name of the game here, although, remember the saying “less is more”?

Neglect.Forget.Remember is a worthy EP and should be absorbed in its entirety in order to be fully appreciated. Check it out if you like bands such as Krieg, The Royal Arch Blaspheme and Profanatica.