KYY – ‘Travesty of Light’


Label: Saturnal Records

Review by JH

Founded in 2013, the Lahti-based crusade known as KYY (Finnish for “Viper”) vomits forth it’s debut EP, “Travesty of Light” ‒ presenting four manifestations of purest black metal darkness. Musically, the sound sits somewhere between traditional 90’s black metal, and the more “orthodox” approach of today. It’s an approach that seems to work considering the material presented is quite strong, with a certain theistic aesthetic associated with bands such as Merrimack, Deathspell Omega and Funeral Mist, but also very “riff-laden” …


Church of Disgust

Band: Church of Disgust

Interview conducted by JH

Church of Disgust are from Texas and play cavernous death metal that brings to mind the primal density found in the early recordings of Cianide, Repulsion, and Autopsy. Their music encapsulates the dark and dismal feeling of being entrapped in a misty graveyard with bloodthirsty ghouls on your trail. I managed to evoke some words from founding members, Dustin and Joshua; so sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the conversation that follows.
Hails! To get this interview started, can …


Seraphic Disgust

Band: Seraphic Disgust

Interview conducted by JH

Formed in 2014, Seraphic Disgust from Southern California play noxious and raw black/death metal with excretions similar to bands like Mortem, Blood and early Deicide. I managed to get in touch with skinbeater “NB” to shine some light on the evil that lurks within its bloody temple…
Seeing as that your band is a relatively new entry, can you please introduce yourself and tell our readers what Seraphic Disgust is all about?
NB: Greetings, I am one of the …


Dream Death – ‘Journey Into Mystery’

Artist: Dream Death

Title: Journey Into Mystery

Label: New Renaissance Records

Year: 1987

Review by Tërrørgåsm

This one is a true classick, and for this review, the timeline is an important factor in considering the material presented. In 1988, I was just starting the 6th grade and had discovered the writing of H.P. Lovecraft in the school library; he had immediately become my favourite writer, and my mind was constantly immersed in the arcane realms of eldritch cosmic horror and obsessed with necrotic rituals, haunted by undying beasts, in addition to coming into the age of …


Formless Devotion – ‘Sparks Of Separation’


Label: Cyclopean Eye Productions

Review by Sythanagon

It’s troubling how difficult it seems to provide a unique experience in this day and age, but there are some out there who still know how to deliver, one such entity being the South African black metal group Formless Devotion and their debut EP Sparks of Separation.As simply as I can put it, Sparks of Separation feels like black metal in slow motion, half the time. I don’t know if this is any kind of intentional feeling the album is …