Seraphic Disgust

Formed in 2014, Seraphic Disgust from Southern California play noxious and raw black/death metal with excretions similar to bands like Mortem, Blood and early Deicide. I managed to get in touch with skinbeater “NB” to shine some light on the evil that lurks within its bloody temple…

Seeing as that your band is a relatively new entry, can you please introduce yourself and tell our readers what Seraphic Disgust is all about?

NB: Greetings, I am one of the composers for Seraphic Disgust (NB). Simply put, “Seraphic Disgust” is an expression of unrest, anguish, and ‘self raised power’.

According to Christian theology, a “Seraph” is an Angelic being belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy. Given that, what can you tell us about your moniker and the connotations behind it?

NB: First of all, I would like to admit that I took enormous amounts of inspiration from the novel “Paradise Lost” during the formation of this project/entity. With that said, our name pays homage to the novel and is a direct reference to the fallen…

Your debut Altarcunt was released the very previous year and has subsequently, slowly been slithering into the subconscious mind of the underground fanatics. Can you please comment on the feedback from allies as to whether or not the final outcome has matched your expectations?

NB: For the most part, I have received very minimal amounts of feedback from friends or foes alike. Although, from what I have heard, there seems to be a somewhat positive review in regards to “altarcunt”. In addition, there are a few loyal Maniacs and labels that have given (and continue to give) us more support than I could imagine. I would easily say my expectations have been greatly exceeded.

What can you tell us about some of the themes addressed on Altarcunt? Is any of the subject matter inspired by real-life occult practice or do they represent a more metaphorical meaning?

NB: What I can tell you is that these tracks feature various themes told in a cryptic fashion, ranging from perceptions of certain realities to fantasy based on re-imagined scenery. The compositions “Stygias Domini” and title track, “Altarcunt” continue on the same storyline involving inspiration by both occult practices and less than literal meaning; in regards to darkness and eroticism.

When did you initially discover your love for metal, and how has your taste evolved up to present? Has extreme metal influenced or shaped your worldview/world perception in any way?

NB: I had grown up listening to bands such as Alice in Chains, Metallica, and the Scorpions, so the love was always there. Naturally, as I got older I sought a heavier sound, eventually leading to the discovery of bands like Death, Possessed, Helstar, etc. Listening to extreme metal has introduced many realities to my mind and opened my eyes to the world in many ways.

Listening to your hateful hymns, one can establish that the members prefer the power of raw heaviness over technical prowess, yet there’s no denying the competency as far as musicianship. Do you see yourself going into a more technical direction with future releases, as is often the case with Metal bands, or will you keep things dark and barbaric as in the vein of Altarcunt?

NB: In terms of songwriting: technicality is never the center of our focus. If a riff or sequence is composed to convey a certain mood and happens to be technical… so be it. With future material we aim to express ourselves in the same haunting, dark fashion as featured on our debut album.

Your sound draws heavily on the aesthetics of bands like Bestial Warlust and Blasphemy, yet also shares a musical kinship with South American bands like Slaughtbbath, Bloody Vengeance and Grave Desecrator; and you found yourself a deal with a Chilean based label. Is this apparent connection to the South American scene coincidental or deliberate?

NB: The connection you have pointed out is purely coincidental. Of course, Engulfed in Darkness records takes notable interest In the evil and chaotic sounds made known by the bands you’ve mentioned. Our connection would seem to follow suit with the “laws of attraction” if you choose to see it that way.

Today, given the tendency of collectors to prefer vinyl; many consider CD a redundant format. Do you agree with such sentiment? So far it seems Altarcunt have releases on CD and cassette only. Is this a decision related at all to your label/s, or simply your own preferences. Are you content with these formats, or do you have future plans for Vinyl releases?

NB: Personally, CD is not my preferred format, yet seems still have use in this age; so ultimately, I would disagree. The choices of format have been entirely up to the labels. We would like to see Altarcunt on vinyl. We are happy with the current releases, however, arrangements are in the works to have future material on vinyl. (More info TBA)

As an underground black/death band, do you feel it’s important to adhere to genre aesthetics and musical integrity by a sort of “non-compromise” attitude? Does such mentality apply to you in any way?

NB: Absolutely, anything less would be completely false. This mentality applies in many ways, why do anything you don’t truly mean?

Last year, you played with Ritual Necromancy and Bölzer, then played the Famine Fest alongside the likes of Sadistic Intent and Mitochondrion — can you please elaborate on the experience?

NB: Famine Fest was an amazing experience! For myself, it was a first time for a few things in my ‘career’. I was humbled by the other acts performing, and stoked to have been apart of it. It was great sharing the stage with comrades Ascended Dead among others and an absolute milestone for Seraphic Disgust. To sum it up: we had a great taste of Portland metal as well as some killer Portland weed too! haha.

What are some of your favourite albums (old and new)? Also, are there any bands outside of the Metal genre that are a frequent staple on your playlist/s?

NB: Some of my favorite albums include Cancer’s “to the gory end”, Sinister’s “cross the styx”, Mortem’s “decomposed by possession” along with countless other classics. Beyond the realms of Metal, I’ve been known to enjoy bands like Pink Floyd, OM, and sometimes blues rock like CCR and SRV. Just depends on my mood.

If anyone reading this would like to contact you or obtain any of your merchandise, how should they do this?

NB: We can be contacted directly at

The best place to acquire merch is through the labels that we’ve worked with (Headsplit, P-18, Engulfed…) as well as other distros like Hells Headbangers, Caligari, and Lord of the Flies.

What are the future plans for Seraphic Disgust and when can we expect your next assault? Thanks a lot for your time!

NB: For the time being we have a few shows planned locally, including a performance with SOLSTICE. We are preparing to record an EP titled “Rotting Manifestations” as well as a second album relatively soon. Thank you!!!!