KYY – ‘Travesty of Light’

Artist: KYY

Title: Travesty of Light

Label: Saturnal Records

Year: 2015

Review by JH

Founded in 2013, the Lahti-based crusade known as KYY (Finnish for “Viper”) vomits forth it’s debut EP, “Travesty of Light” ‒ presenting four manifestations of purest black metal darkness. Musically, the sound sits somewhere between traditional 90’s black metal, and the more “orthodox” approach of today. It’s an approach that seems to work considering the material presented is quite strong, with a certain theistic aesthetic associated with bands such as Merrimack, Deathspell Omega and Funeral Mist, but also very “riff-laden” in terms of straight-forward aggression a la Urgehal, Carpathian Forest and the like. The aforementioned references might come off as weird, although, I can assure you, it’s not too far off. The atmosphere is thick and murky with a sense of misanthropy bleeding all over the tracks.

Opener, ‘Death – The Great Liberator’ rises from the abysmal depths and immediately re-opens the wounds of Christ with a savage and eerie riff that evokes familiar territory, which clearly indicates the band’s roots. Yes indeed, the Finnish atmosphere is unmistakably prevalent, which is not a bad thing at all. The vocals add a good portion of variety to the mix and are well executed; from lows, to highs, to more mid-range growls.

“Travesty of Light” seems to excel at generating a sinister and brooding tone that submerge the listener with slow, hypnotic rhythms, whilst adding faster alterations as the intensity builds as opposed to going all out on speed. The band seems to combine all the good aspects, fusing these elements to create a compelling, cathartic atmosphere. Definitely no easy listen by any means, which only suggests that the appeal of this will more than likely be restricted to the most devilish devotees with a penchant for orthodox darkness.