Ghoulgotha – ‘To Starve The Cross’

Artist: Ghoulgotha

Title: To Starve The Cross

Label: Dark Descent

Year: 2016

Review by Sythanagon

Death metal isn’t supposed to progress, nor is it supposed to remain stagnant. Stagnancy is unchanging, it’s boring. Progress is growth. Death metal isn’t supposed to grow; it’s supposed to rot. Much like a corpse will decay and change, for its namesake, death metal needs to retain that character. I feel like many people will disagree with this position. I don’t care. Ghoulgotha represent the eminent decay of death metal.
Much like that of the decomposing body, Ghoulgotha gives the …


Swampcult – ‘An Idol Carved Of Flesh’

Artist: Swampcult

Title: An Idol Carved Of Flesh

Label: Eastern Voice Production

Year: 2014

Review by JH

Formed in The Netherlands, the Cthulhu-obsessed doomsters known as Swampcult, present their debut album An Idol Carved of Flesh. The main theme—and as one can judge from the titles—are centered around the works and writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The album contains 7 tentacles of primitive, yet audible black/death/doom with influences from Celtic Frost, Cathedral and Samael. Executed with conviction and conjuring a dense, obscure sound, the music here does more than merely imitate its inspirations.
While the band will probably …


Cropsy Maniac

With a sound and visual aesthetic paying homage to old school horror and DEATH, you pretty much know what to expect
… So let’s not fuck around the bush on that one for too long. This is pure audio carnage in the vein of bands such as MORTICIAN, IMPETIGO and LORD GORE. I managed to get in touch with founding ghoul, Aaron Whitsell, to gain perspective on what ticks inside the mind of CROPSY MANIAC.
Greetings Aaron!!! …