Vulturine – ‘A Mais Escura Noite’

Artist: Vulturine

Title: A Mais Escura Noite

Label: Nomos Dei

Year: 2011

Review by JH

Formed in 2002, the Brazilian horde known as Vulturine have made quite an impact on the Brazilian underground, playing an opaque style of black metal that’s both traditional and forward-thinking.

I’ve seen many people refer to certain bands’ music as “bleak” although honestly, I don’t think that term suits the majority of those bands as well as it does for Vulturine. There’s just something very ominous and sinister about their music… something that’s difficult to describe in words and best understood when you listen to the music yourself.

With a handful releases already under their dark cloaks, “A Mias Escura Noite” is the band’s second full length and I can say the band delivers here in every aspect. From the haunting atmosphere, eerie melodies, hateful vocals, black/white artwork—everything here just screams black fucking metal. I like the fact that the band makes use of Portuguese lyrics and vocals (although not as much on this particular release) as it really adds an “obscure” touch to their sound.

Right from the first track (‘Goatskull Ritual’), the band draws you into their world of darkness, so you might as well abandon all hope before you press the play button. The music is at all times enveloping, with an atmosphere so cold, it scrapes through the bloodstream like particles of ice. The band really shows their potential with songs like ‘A Tomb for all that is Human’ and ‘Cut the Tongue of the Man of Yaveh’ as the haunting tone of the guitars and tortured vocals carve their way into your mind. There’s enough variation throughout this album to keep things interesting with an atmosphere shrouded in pitch black darkness.

With a running time of 38 minutes, “A Mais Escura Noite” feels like a proper full length and wholly representative of what Brazilian Black Metal should be about. This is total ritual darkness of hate that encapsulate feelings of despair, forcing you to embrace the demons within.