Goatspell – ‘Esoterrorism’

Artist: Goatspell

Title: Esoterrorism

Label: Impious Desecration Records

Year: 2015

Review by JH

Having formed in 2014, Goatspell is a relatively new mischief from France and “Esosterrorism” is their latest and follow up to their debut demo that was released earlier in the same year.

The band pens down five songs of well-honed, rapid blackened thrash that attacks the senses without mercy. Musically, they draw some parallels to Blasphemophagher, albeit with more incorporated thrash influences. I guess you could say the band takes their inspirations from bands such as Destroyer 666 and Blasphemy, although does a good job at blending its influences in a tasteful, non-staid manner.

As the opening track (‘Return of the Goat’) kicks in, everything in its sight will be laid to waste, with a bombardment of crazed riffs and hellish percussion, that feels as if though your soul had just been swept away by some unseen ominous force. The music is raw and discordant, yet still manage to strike a balance between detail and eligible production. A point of note, is the delivery of craft, which indicates a band clearly in charge of their instruments, with all the components merging together favorably.

With the five compositions in question (‘Return of the Goat,’ ‘Unholy Goatspell Kult,’ ‘Worst Kind of Scum,’ ‘From the Fury…,’ ‘Esoterrorism’), you would do well to prepare yourself for this militant attack of aural vomit that does little other than beat the fuck out of you at a pulsating duration of 26 minutes.