Nocturnes Mist – ‘As Flames Burn’

Artist: Nocturnes Mist

Title: As Flames Burn

Label: Séance Records

Year: 2013

Review by JH

Spawned from the depths of Adelaide, the hatemongers known as Nocturnes Mist have been striking fear in the hearts of Christians ever since their unholy inception in 1997. With an EP and two demos already under their belts, “As Flames Burn” was their first full-length album released back in 2009. It should be mentioned, however, that the release in question is actually a ‘compilation’ featuring the EP “Southern Storms” from 1998 included as bonus material, which was later released under the malicious banner of Australia’s Séance Records.

‘Black Winds of Uncreation’ sets the tone for this album delivering an array of evil riffs and hoarse vocals that cut through the irreducibly dense atmosphere. As the music proceeds, there are some “thrashy,” albeit brief moments at play, which prominently indicates where the band is coming from. The overall mood is foreboding and does not deviate much throughout, ingrained with the pitch-black aura of death. Their delivery is intense, incorporating heavy, hammering riffs thick enough to reduce holy temples to dust. Included are some synth-layered passages, which add a layer of depth and ambiance, reminiscent of early Graveland.

“As Flames Burn” is an impressive work and easily a cut above the average contemporary black/death metal release. The music is just as you would want and expect from a black metal band, hateful, raw and uncompromising; a terminal dose of pure unadulterated audible savagery. This band is out to spread the message of hate and their music simply speaks for itself.

It seems that this band has gone under the radar over the years, however, that may not be likely to last as they demonstrate a high level of quality in terms of compositional access. The atmosphere generated has an epic touch that makes the music all the more memorable. All in all, an excellent debut album with older material included as bonus tracks that serve as a perfect introduction for anyone who is otherwise unfamiliar with the band.