Vendetta – ‘Brain Damage’

Artist: Vendetta

Title: Brain Damage

Label: Noise Records

Year: 1988

Review by The Thrash Bearer

1988 was indeed a great year for heavy metal and more specifically thrash metal. While there was a lot of movement in the US and Brazil underground with many classics being churned out, Deutschland didn’t lag behind by any means as the second wave of teutonic thrash acts such as Darkness, Paradox, Deathrow etc. made their presence felt with their full length releases. Vendetta was another promising teutonic foursome to join this elite squad. If their debut was a riff …


HOHL – ‘Megiddo’

Artist: HOHL

Title: Megiddo

Label: Freezing Records

Year: 2015

Review by Vodkamizer

The release in question is the band’s eighth demo and follow-up to 2014’s “Apocalyptic Hymns” album.
The performance and title corresponds favorably as ‘The Ferryman’ opens with a foreboding mood that feels as if though you are on a slow, despondent journey to somewhere dark and desolate. The band casts an eerie ambiance prior to being submerged by an array of benevolent shrieks that emerge with samples of homicide and martial-esque soundscapes. This particular track is progressive in structure, with …


Spell – ‘For None and All’

Artist: Spell

Title: For None and All

Label: Bad Omen

Year: 2016

Review by Sythanagon

Look: Bad Omen Records are fucking killing it this year. Along with the latest Wytch Hazel and upcoming Wretch album, Spell’s For None and All stands firmly amongst what are surely three of the most impressive traditional metal albums of the year. Although all these bands are taking their approaches in drastically different ways, they all nail their respective styles with deftness and flair.
Spell in particular play an adept brand of 70s throwback psychedelic rock with the all the …


Wargrinder – ‘The Seal of Genocide’

Artist: Wargrinder

Title: The Seal of Genocide

Label: Nykta

Year: 2012

Review by JH

The Seal of Genocide was originally released on Cd by Nykta Records back in 2012, although has recently seen a reissue by Fistbang on vinyl.
What we have here, is an album that offers thirteen tracks of hard-hitting black/death Metal from lone-musician, Terry Eleftheriou. Released back in 2012, this is some decidedly enjoyable albeit crude audio violence, with proud nods to Angelcorpse and Black Witchery.
Whilst this album arguably does not quite reach the same level of intensity as the …


Coscradh – ‘Coscradh’

Artist: Coscradh

Title: Coscradh

Label: Invictus Productions

Year: 2016

Review by RP

Coscradh is a newly formed death/black metal band from Dublin/Ireland who released their debut demo this June, counting only one year of activity. The demo features four compositions; the first two with a duration of about five minutes and the latter two seven minutes.
From the moment the auditory kicks in, it’s a downward spiral into the deepest depths of darkness. Vengeful riffs come like arrows, conjuring an incredibly eerie ambiance, especially with the main riffs on ‘buried’ which is …