Jyotisavedanga – ‘Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections’


Label:  Cyclopean Eye Productions

Review by Sythanagon

It’s been a long time coming for the marriage between harsh noise and extreme metal. Not that the two have ever been completely separate, but it’s not until the past few years that more bands have fully embraced the amalgam of two of the most abrasive styles of music. Jyotisavedanga are one of the newest in an uprising echelon of completely different bands that blend that aggressive and unrelenting chaos of black and death metal with droning, textured and aurally …


Sophos – ‘Adrift Seas Unborn’


Label: Independant

Review by Tërrørgåsm

This album is, for now, exclusively available (at name-your-price status) on the band’s bandcamp page, although in the interview recently conducted with Mr. Sophos for Underground Siege, he expressed interest in releasing physical copies in the near future; after taking many listens to these tracks online, I for one would be happy to make such a purchase. The proceedings are launched unassumingly enough with some nature samples (what sounds like seabirds) and seguing into a pleasant, minimalistic yet fairly lush …


Interview – ‘Σοφος (Sophos)’

Band: Σοφος (Sophos)

Interview conducted by Terrorgasm

Transcribed interview conducted via phone, late at night whilst dealing with an inconsolable baby on the interrogator’s end, and the interrogation subject travelling home aboard a noisy bus on the opposite side of the planet.
Greetings and salutations. You are the creative force behind the ambient black metal project Sophos, hailing from Oregon; please further introduce yourself to our readers, without being too tedious and boring, please.
Sophos: (laughs) Yes. I previously lived in Oregon, when Sophos began, and those …


Interview – ‘Inquisition’

Band: Inquisition

Interview conducted by Pulak Chakraborty

INQUISITION is a name that stands as a subject of devotion for all black metal enthusiasts of this day and age. With release after release of path-defining darkness — both conceptually and musically, the band has taken the genre to new pathways leading to the astral majesties. Pulak Chakraborty met the mastermind behind the band Dagon on 24th January, 2015 at the gig at München, Germany during Obscure Verses for the Multiverse European headlining tour where the band played …


Serpent Noir – ‘Erotomysticism’


Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Review by Thomas Tannenberger

After Serpent Noir spread their Draconian magic through a mini-album, full length, and a split; the band finally shine in full glory as the grand opus in question will surely put their name up there with the greats
Erotomysticism’s music is both greatly varied and coherently atmospheric. Like a common thread, distinct semi-distorted (or clean) guitar melodies crown the riffs, with floating hammond, organ melodies and a field-recorded ambiance carrying the mind to far away places, something that hasn’t been …