Serpent Noir – ‘Erotomysticism’

Artist: Serpent Noir

Title: Erotomysticism

Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Year: 2015

Review by Thomas Tannenberger

After Serpent Noir spread their Draconian magic through a mini-album, full length, and a split; the band finally shine in full glory as the grand opus in question will surely put their name up there with the greats

Erotomysticism’s music is both greatly varied and coherently atmospheric. Like a common thread, distinct semi-distorted (or clean) guitar melodies crown the riffs, with floating hammond, organ melodies and a field-recorded ambiance carrying the mind to far away places, something that hasn’t been prominent in black metal since the early days of Cultus Sanguine, Monumentum and Mortuary Drape (or Twin Peaks for that matter). Adding to the hypnotic effect, is the moderate tempo that marches forward constantly whenever heaviness is required, without ever needing to branch out in hyper-speed parts to be fully effective.

Lyrically, Serpent Noir’s home is the Dragon Rouge, with the fraternity’s eclecticism manifested in every word and note—from the opening song presenting their creed, right through the slow and moody themes telling of the most notorious of all hellish pacts, to Thomas Karlsson’s impersonation of Azazel, ridiculing the pitiful sins of feeble humans—the dragon is the way to eternity! In today’s occult-focused black metal, Serpent Noir’s approach is refreshing.

This album is deep and dark as the night side, yet at the same, fairly accessible and easy to embrace—perhaps due to the fact that nothing here seems artificial, nothing is there to boast, they don’t want to sell you anything. Erotomysticism is a mature work; it is what we need because ever since the 90’s, there hasn’t been anything quite like this, and you won’t find that distinct atmosphere anywhere else.