Forlis – ‘Tissue of Life’

Artist: Forlis

Title: Tissue of Life

Label: Regimental

Year: 2010

Review by JH

Forlis are a trio from Denmark and play an unique style of Ambient/Doom. This in fact isn’t a metal record. There are black metal overtones in their music, particularly the vocals, which is the only purely “metal” element to be found. The man behind them is none other than Mr. Jen Pedersen of Church Bizarre and Victimizer fame. His voice is easily recognizable if you’re familiar with the two other projects.
Opener “Witnessed” is a slow and gloomy synth-layered track, …


Hexecutor – ‘First Hexecution’

Artist: Hexecutor

Title: First Hexecution

Label: Impious Desecration Records

Year: 2012

Review by JH

Straight from East Brittany, these Frenchmen deliver their first demo appropriately titled First Hexecution compiling five tracks of raw, high-energy thrash metal that’s quite rough around the edges. It wastes no time in unleashing a bombardment of punk-infused ferocity with definite hints of early Vulcano and Mutilator in terms of relentless aggression.
The instruments are fairly well executed; these guys must have been jamming together for a while before they recorded this demo since everything seems pretty well honed, with …


Illum Adora – ‘Son of Dawn’

Artist: Illum Adora

Title: Son of Dawn

Label: Kneel Before The Master's Throne Records

Year: 2016

Review by JH

With two demos already under their belts (“Begotten”, “Unchained from Slavery”), the German three-piece known as Illum Adora, unleash their third installment of wrathful, iron-clad black metal darkness that summons the ancient dead from medieval battles once forgotten.
With Son of Dawn, the band offers a fairly minimalist, yet well structured psychosis of straight forward black metal, which is all about depth and atmosphere. Illum Adora transmits the feeling of apocalyptic chaos; the impending end of all life as we …


Interview: ‘Blackdeath’

Starting as Draugwrath in 1995 and then as Black Draugwrath and finally changing to BLACKDEATH in 1998, the band from Russia has released some truly cult classics in the orthodox black metal underground. Their latest offering “Gift” from 2015 has added to their already stellar discography, thereby, maintaining the band’s reputation of being among the ones who have stayed true to the blackened path through the years. Pulak Chakraborty interviewed Abysslooker to talk on all things BLACKDEATH.
Infernal Hails. Let’s …


Black Magic – ‘Wizard’s Spell’

Artist: Black Magic

Title: Wizard's Spell

Label: High Roller Records

Year: 2014

Review by Sythanagon

While many bands are always looking forward, to the future and progressing new styles, productions and ideas, there’s an underground “resistance”, if you will, of musicians all around the world that play music in a style that’s nothing but classic. From that nostalgic and compelling production of the 70s and 80s, to the riffs that’ll make old-timers wistful, old school music is making a comeback, now though, more than ever. Many bands just sound like they’re rehashing old favourites, there’s an ever-present and …