Interview – ‘Illum Adora’

Featuring former ZARATHUSTRA vocalist, Hurricane Hellfukker ― ILLUM ADORA keep true to essence of Black Metal with a sound that hearkens back to the glorious first and second wave, when feeling and atmosphere prevailed. After reviewing their killer EP Son of Dawn (Read here), JH deemed it necessary to interrogate the driving force behind the horde himself. As you will find, Mr Hurricane Hellfukker is certainly not a man short for words as he goes into great detail describing the band’s influences, ideology and more.

Infernal hails! How did you come up with the name Illum Adora and what does it mean?

Hurricane Hellfukker: It’s a kind of tradition for me to “use” or let’s say get influenced by my fave bands to use songtitles or passages from their lyrics as inspiration. This already happened when I “found” my name for the fanzine HELLPIKE, my pseudonym HURRICANE and also my label KNEEL BEFORE THE MASTER’S THRONE Records. At times I started the band it was clear to me that there has to be something again “borrowed” from the greatest black metal band of all time COUNTESS. After playing their great 3rd Album “Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam” – the introduction to this album is an atmospheric noise landscape with additional screams in latin language by their main-vocalist and some guests plus the last words are ILLUM ADORA and they are screamed like in total agony – it was clear that I want to use it, also to hail the band once again!

Illum Adora is of latin language and means “Worship him” – those simple two words are a metaphor for thousands of things already and for more to come, metaphorically speaking for the future of the band ILLUM ADORA!


What type of atmosphere do you try to achieve through your music?

HH: That’s actually hard to explain, as the imagination differs most of the time from the final result of each song. But mainly it should create an eerie, dark, medieval sounding atmosphere, if this fails I am good with sheer aggression, and thrashing and pounding tunes.

What are your influences, both lyrically and musically?

HH: Musically it definitely is the 2nd black metal wave with all its great bands from all over the world, every now and then our roots are also shining through our songs, which means at times it sounds like the pioneer 1st wave, traditional, thrash and death metal, which is also ok with us. Definitely we do not aim to be a next boring Darkthrone, Mayhem or whatever clone of a clone of a clone.

Lyrically I take my inspiration from thousand of things as I walk through this world with wide open eyes. I take most influences from darkness, eerie moments in life, the occult, dark medieval times, ancient history, religion, world-wide mythologies (esp. old Babylonian, Akkadian, Sumerian and Grecian), historical romans, philosophy/philosophers. I don’t define any boundaries to myself. But of course I never would write about gore/porn/fun/political/sociocritical shit.


Tell us about your latest release “Son of Dawn” – this was released under your own label, right? How have the reactions been so far?

HH: Well, officially it will be released at the 26th of September, but the CDs arrived just a few days ago and will be shipped now to all those who pre-ordered them. For the first time I started to promote an ILLUM ADORA release myself by getting in contact with many new and old magazines and webzines. I think the first noticeable reactions are yet to come when being featured in the (big) zines and getting in touch with my very old contacts from glorious label days and after our first, very promising gigs in November. Just a few days ago I spread digital promos to plenty of online zines and the feedback are 6 reviews and 4 interview requests within 3 days. The reviews are overwhelming so far, I am more than satisfied.

Yes, I released the Mini Album via my own label which finally celebrates a return with its first release in more than 5 years

What can you tell us about your label, Kneel Before The Master’s Throne. How long has it been in the business? Do you have any plans for upcoming releases?

HH: Well, it startet in 2001 with its LP release of Secrets of the Moon “De Musica Mundana”, since then a lot of up and downs did appear. I was forced to do a break for 5 years, but future looks brighter now so I can go on finally. There are many plans, but right now I am just glad to have the CD out. I think both ILLUM ADORA demos on CD will be the next release, still this year or early 2017. We will see what will happen next.


Tell us about your other black metal band, Zarathustra – is the band still active? How would you describe the difference between Zarathustra and Illum Adora?

HH: Zarathustra is not active currently and I do not know if it ever will be again. I also do not care that much. Too much time has gone since the last release and I didn’t see the other band members in years, didn’t talk with even. After years of trying to keep the spirit alive and giving a re-birth to the band I just was tired of all this crap. And right now I am more than glad about the development of ILLUM ADORA, absolutey busy with the band and cannot wait to see what the future will bring to this band.

The difference between both bands is that ILLUM ADORA is quite more minimalistic, back to the roots and more old-school driven, more catchy, lyrically more variable and the layouts are no photoshopped shit, just more basic like you used to see in early 90s. I don’t think fans of Zarathustra will be automatically like ILLUM ADORA as well, as both bands are sounding completely different and ILLUM ADORA is more harsh and crude.


Germany has been producing a lot of good bands as of late. What is your take on the current state of metal in the country? Any particular favorites (past and current)?

HH: German (BM) metal scene always was one of the strongest and most productive ones and I think it will never change. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes also horrible with lots of featherbrained bands and people – but I think every scene/country has to fight with such.

There are too many german bands to mention that I like and of which I get my inspiration from, thousands of great bands; starting from the early/mid 70s up until today.

What would you regard as some of the best albums from 2015/2016?

HH: Honestly, I am not very up to date about this. I think dutch HERETIC and their “Underdogs of the Universe” is the album of the year for me, but it’s propably the only new one I have heard. Lack of interest for most of new releases might be the main reason. Most of todays bands sound shit to me, but I will not deny that other good album do exist. I just did not listen to them yet and I will take my time to find them. I am not attracted to hype or to listen to everything as soon as possible – especially when I am still stuck in the mid of 90s with all the classics.


Let’s say you were deported to some space shuttle for the rest of your life, and were only allowed to take 10 albums with you – which titles would you choose?

HH: This depends on my mood actually, but most of the times it would be something like this:

COUNTESS – The Return of the Horned One/Book of the Heretic | LIVING DEATH – Vengeance of Hell | PLASMATICS – Coup de Etat | GRAVELAND – 1000 Swords | SCORPIONS – Lovedrive | TWIN PEAKS – Fire walk with me OST | MERCYFUL FATE – Return of the Vampire | MOONBLOOD – Blut & Krieg | PINK FLOYD – Animals

What are the most challenging aspects when writing a song and how do you go about the approach?

HH: There is no challenge at all, as we all have enough experience and do know what we want and what is to do. Sometimes there a different understandings about the turn-out of the songs, but mainly we come very fast to the conclusion what is conducive to the song and what not. In the past I just have shown my ideas/riffs to the rest so we could work something out. It will not dramatically change in future, as I already have plenty of ideas gathered for about 2 albums and I work them off chronological from the times they have been written. But as we now have found the skilled guitarist Profanator things will change a little in future, as some more imput and compositions from him are definitely to come. Also he is able to progress my ideas/riffs into something greater plus his solo guitar skills and theoretical/practical understandings are the best that could happen to ILLUM ADORA. Same goes also for our drummer M. Marax. I just have to restrain them every now and then, because they can play even faster/better than actually necessary for ILLUM ADORA. But as they are working for the whole of the band, they do not need to show-off and do understand what the band is all about. Furthermore “Son of Dawn” is our first work together and I am pretty sure our collaboration will grow with every rehearsal we are doing. So, watch out for our future, there is more to come from us definitely…

Can you tell us about your lyrical themes and what they express?

HH: Lyrics vary a lot and tell about different things. They can be simple horror stories, even psalms from the bible (which are dark sounding to me), philosophical thesis, or occult topics. As long as the core is dark, evil and occult I will write about everything I want.

What the lyrics do express is up for the reader/listener. I am tired of imposing the listener what to think or to point my fingers on feeble sheeps. If you are brainless, the music is not for you.

Tell me about the Acid cover “Prince of Hell and Fire” – how did that come about? I don’t see too many bands cover songs from this great Belgium band.

HH: Well, there are so many great and dark sounding (HEAVY METAL) songs out there where I am always wondering how they would sound when done in a black metal style. That Acid song (+ “Exterminator”) is one of these songs where I always wondered and wanted to try it out. It didn’t work out satisfying in the end, but still it’s a good version, I would say. The same I can tell also about the second cover-version we have done on our second demo-tape “Unchained from Slavery” – this time (and again a female-fronted band) we have chosen “Lightning Breaks” by mighty Plasmatics. I like the fact that both bands are quite unusual to cover for a black metal band – but that was also my goal! Aren’t we all tired of all these same boring sounding cover versions of Bathory, Venom, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and the likes? I am definitely and if we will be doing cover-versions again in future, they will be extraordinary ones for sure.

It seems like, nowadays, especially through the internet many people jump at the opportunity to be as provocative/vocal as possible. What is your take on that? Do you think people outside the cult of black/death metal should keep their opinions about these art forms to themselves?

HH: Well, the internet is predestinated for little farts to make huge noises. In the end I don’t care about opinions from anyone and I have better things to do than to read newest bm gossips. On the other side, it is not my problem if people are offended that easily nowadays, it amuses me rather.

What’s next for Illum Adora?

HH: There are plenty of plans already forged unter the rays of the moon. We are talking about some split-releases with other great bands and we will be playing our 1st two gigs in November at the 20th anniversary of HELLBANGERS MOSELFRANKEN (with Unleashed) and at the SINISTER HOWLING (with Denial of God, Behexen, Front Beast and more). After these gigs our main focus will be the debut album which we want to release in summer/autumn 2017. Also the promotion of “Son of Dawn” has priority right now, as well as finding a good label that want to release our material on vinyl and/or the debut album on all possible formats.

NON SERVIAM BLACK METAL (The Demos) will be released on CD soon, too. It will include both demo-tapes + additional bonus-tracks.

If anyone is interested in making contact with you (both in regards to your band and label), how should they do this? Thanks for your time.

HH: Thank you for your support and effort. Interested people can reach us via: