Interview – ‘Lux Ferre’

LUX FERRE from Portugal, have been spewing forth their brand of vicious and dynamic Black Metal ever since their formation in 2001. JH got in touch with Devasth ― the vocalist and one of the founding members ― to discuss some things pertaining to the band’s history, their latest album and more…

Hails! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for Underground Siege. For those unfamiliar with your band, could you give us some insight on your works and also some info about the current line-up.

Devasth: We hail from Portugal and we were born in 2001 by two entities: me and Baal Sabbath. After a couple of demos and splits we released our debut album “Antichristian War Propaganda” via the German label Ketzer Records. We started playing live and after an European tour, Baal Sabbath left the band. Several line-up changes during the years… Recently we replaced drummer due to geographical and logistical reasons.

Your name refers to the “Adversary” or “Morningstar” in Latin. Have you studied religious / occult texts that could have been an inspiration? Furthermore – would you regard Lux Ferre as an ‘occult black metal’ band? What does the occult mean to you?

D: Yes, I have studied several religious texts since very young but they do not really inspire me. Religion is a cancer and we are completely against it. Lux Ferre is about enlightenment, it is about a clear view of one’s path. It is about the supremacy of the self being Lucifer the centre of all. We believe in total free will.
Dealing with what we deal, it’s hard to not be related with the Occult, but this is something really personal.

Could you tell us a little bit about your latest album “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis” and also give some info about the lyrical concept? Who did the artwork and what does it depict? I know it took you six years to release the album, why the lengthy period if I may ask?

D: The lyrical concept is about a being that had nothing and suddenly has everything. The Revelation of Truth becoming its Manifestation. This is exactly what the artwork depicts – the blinding Light of Truth. Various stages of the path to find truth are described throughout the album.
We took six years because we all have our professional lives and live far from each other. Hopefully it won’t take long for the next release…


How would you describe the progression between your latest album and previous material?

D: Lux Ferre started as a really warlike Black Metal band, fast and vicious. Eventually, other personal themes came up and along with them, came a natural shift in our sonority. The progression is clear and the baseline is always there. Those characteristic leads are and will be always present.
The latest album follows a darker and obscure path. Of course that the line-up changes affect the final outcome but in the end it all aligns with the concept that was idealized in the first place.

I feel the Portuguese lyrics and vocals really add an obscure texture to your sound and atmosphere. This is also something prominent with Brazilian and Portuguese Black Metal bands; do you feel you are able to express yourself better in your mother tongue? Do you listen to any Brazilian Black Metal yourself? If you do – do you feel a kind of kinship with their scene?

D: Portuguese is derivative from the Latin language and it create a unique primordial atmosphere. Although I’m fluent in both Portuguese and English, I prefer to write lyrics in my mother tongue. Over time I developed my own sincere style of writing and it is really gratifying. I feel that the message has the strength it should, the intensity is immense! Maybe one day I’ll go back to English but for now it just feels great.
I’ll be honest, I’m not that into the Brazilian Black Metal scene. Some years ago I was involved in Darkest Hate Warfront together with my friend Lord Mantus from acts like Pátria and Mysteriis. In addition I made some random participations in other of his projects, I know some guys from Grave Desecrator and that’s it…


Which bands would you cite as influences both fundamentally and in regards to your band’s sound? What about new bands? Are you interested in the current underground scene much?

D: This is a really hard question because I think everything we listen to, influences us directly or indirectly. Old Marduk and Setherial are clear influences in the early years of Lux Ferre… I’m heavily influenced by old Samael, old Darkthrone, old Gorgoroth, Emperor, Bathory, Impaled Nazarene, Deathspell Omega, Behexen… It is almost unfair to start naming bands here… and I haven’t started with Death Metal…
I’m interested indeed… I’m always searching for new albums… lately I’ve been listening to Possession, Mortuus Umbra and some Icelandic stuff.

If anyone out there is interested in getting hold of you, how should they do this? Furthermore – what can you tell us about your future plans? Thanks for your time!

D: The best way to contact is via email. Future plans involve a release of an EP, a reissue and some exclusive live appearances.