Violent Upheaval – ‘Eternal Drought’

Artist: Violent Upheaval

Title: Eternal Drought

Label: N/A

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Having its origins set in New Delhi, India, Violent Upheaval could be considered an international project considering the involvement of Patrick Bruss from Crypticus. As I understand it, the founding members behind this project, A.S. (vocals) and N.R. (guitars/bass) ― are now relocated in Russia and Czech Republic. Musically, the band plays a chunky style of death metal best compared to the likes of Benediction and Napalm Death.

The foundation of their influences are definitely rooted in traditional death metal, with a sound that possess a sort of militant quality, consisting of very heavy, grinding guitars and a ridiculously deep vocal attack. The drums are programmed, although that does not distract from the overall quality of the music. Everything sounds reasonably well executed, with the music being quite primitive for the most part, but relying on good old aggression and stomping brutality to get the point across.

The demo consists of three tracks, with titles like ‘Ghar Wapsi,’ ‘Ab Ki Baar Beef Sarkar,’ and ‘Death The Only Rescue’ — which suggest the usage of Hindi language. Interestingly, the demo has a conceptual theme to it, expressing disdain towards the Indian government and the sociopolitical situation that pertains to it. All three tracks are pretty badass and features guest vocals by Hassan Amin from the Pakistani Crust/Grind outfit, Multinational Corporations. I think lovers of harsh underground metal will enjoy this demo, worth checking out in my opinion.

Eternal Drought (Demo 2016) by Violent Upheaval