Cropsy Maniac – ‘Further Than Fear’

Artist: Cropsy Maniac

Title: Further than Fear

Label: Dead beat Media

Year: 2016

Review by JH

After reviewing their debut EP and conducting an interview (one of the first for this site) with Aaron Whitsell, we feature this gut-wrenching death metal cult once again. They’ve come to slay all mortals with this fine, ultra-crushing monster of a debut, entitled “Further than Fear.” Let me just say this album has surpassed my expectations. It is menacing. Horror-inspired death/grind has always been an acquired taste for many, although I’m confident that anyone with an appreciation for real old-school death metal will eat this up.

One of the strong points on this album is the production, especially on the guitars – it just sounds savage. Another facet worth mentioning is the really awesome leads, they’re just well mixed and implemented throughout. The vocals, while pretty standard for the style, are very well executed, ranging from low gutterals to grind-esque screams. Drums are right up there, with inhuman-like hammering in every track. The bass is put to great use, adding to the heavy effect of the guitars. A solid performance from everyone throughout.

Dead beat Media did a great job releasing this beast. It definitely deserves the spotlight as one of the heaviest, gnarliest death/grind albums out there as of late. Not too many bands are playing this style anymore, which is a shame, since I’ve always liked bands like Blood Freak and Lord Gore; however, Cropsy Maniac is a breath of fresh air, bringing the dread and horror back in death metal. The awesome movie samples they included is a nice touch and helps add a almost sort of “b-movie” cheesiness feel to the songs. Overall, “Further than Fear” is a decent slab of traditional death/grind sickness and comes highly recommended since every track outright slays. If you like the music, then please contact the label and order your copy. It’s the right thing to do.