Shambles – ‘Realm Of Darkness Shrine’

Artist: Shambles

Title: Realm of Darkness Shrine

Label: Nero One Records

Year: 2016

Review by JH

According to their biography, these Thai warriors of death have been active since 1997; so after four demos, an EP, and two splits ― the band finally release their debut album this year. I must be frank, I’ve never heard of Shambles prior to receiving this promo, being already familiar with other Thai bands, (Surrender of Divinity, Zygoatsis) ― I decided to investigate, especially since the promo representation caught my attention.

What Shambles offer, is an utterly savage affair of dark, doom-tinged death metal that should excite fans of bands like Anatomia, Autopsy and Coffins. The music is dark, heavy and minimalistic. I like this approach; slow for the most part, but speeds up every so often, adding double bass and blasts for intensity. Everything about this record screams doom and gloom, as the harmonization of bass and guitars conjure an oppressively dark atmosphere that sucks the listener into the interminable abyss. The vocals are deep, blood-curdling gutterals, which encapsulate the feeling of being babtized in one’s own vomit.

The album contains seven tracks of bitter unwholesomeness, which should feel right at home to anyone who likes abysmally heavy death/doom with reference to the bands mentioned earlier as well as a few hints from the likes of (early) Fleshcrawl and Incantation. As I understand it, the album is due for a vinyl release by the US label, Nero One Records. This is definitely nothing short of a quality release and deserves a good distribution. The underground is alive and well in Thailand and Shambles is undeniable proof of that.