Blood Division – ‘Traitors to the Gallows’

Artist: Blood Division

Title: Traitors to the Gallows

Label: Cyclopean Eye Productions

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Featuring current and former members of bands like Impiety and Draconis Infernum ― Blood Division takes a shift in terms of style and influences. They offer a tasty slab of blackened punk, balancing their influences with equal parts crust and equal parts black. However, It should be mentioned, that in reference to the the “black metal” aspect of their sound, we are definitely referring to the first-wave, namely bands like Bathory and Hellhammer.

This is the kind of music that would be best experienced at a live show, where surely you’d find yourself in the pit as punks and metalheads unite in a decidedly baneful conglomeration of aggressive, violent fun. This band delivers the goods with eight tracks of scathing, relentless old school punk-infused black metal that transports one straight back to the 80’s. It’s menacing, foreboding and undeniably savage. If you enjoy the likes of Abigail, G.I.S.M, Bathory, Hellhammer, Venom, Darkthrone, Sabbat, etc. ― Then there’s a 100% chance that you’ll like Blood Division as well, as they unashamedly embody the spirit of those seminal bands.

It doesn’t come of as a surprise to see a Discharge cover here, closing the album with “Cries of Hell.” A ripper of a cover and the perfect closing track for this beastly release. From beginning to end, the album just grabs you by the throat, squeezes and doesn’t let go. An adequate amount of hostility is displayed, with particular regard to the vocal performance, featuring caustic, abrasive shrieks similar to Yasuyuki Suzuki from Abigail. This is the third time that we review a release from Cyclopean Eye Productions, so they’re most certainly doing something right. These Singaporian maniacs will give all bands playing this style much more than just a run for their money, Blood Division delivers the unrefined goods.