Warfist – ‘Metal to the Bone’

Artist: Warfist

Title: Metal to the Bone

Label: Godz of War

Year: 2016

Review by JH

When a band names their album Metal to the Bone, it sets expectations. Now one might ask, “does the music live up to the title?” ― in this case of the album, YES, it absolutely does. What these polish maniacs offer is a fist-pounding onslaught of no-holds-barred METAL that’s all about relentlessness and riffs. When a band’s sound is comprised of blazing fast tremelo picks, ear shattering solos, as well as aggressive vocals and hard-hitting drums ― you know for a fact they mean business.

There’s some seriously deadly riffing to be found here, which definitely takes cues from the German school of thrash, from the 80’s.

The band does their thing well ― definitely something I’d listen to when I’m in the mood for some hard-hitting death/thrash that runs you over like a tank, you know the “if you are false, don’t entry” kind that eats posers for breakfast. There’s a lot of killer cuts here, with songs like Pestilent Death, Convent of Sin, and NecroVenom ― you sort of get an idea what’s in store just based on the song titles. After listening to this album in its entirety, you’re forced to take a break from the music battering you from beginning to end, it’ll make you feel like you’ve had your head has been bashed in… in the best way possible.

Warfist is definitely a band I recommend if you’re looking for a seriously heavy dosage of poser-stomping black/death/thrash, reminiscent of bands like Deathchain, Summon, Nunslaughter, or even Nifelheim. Godz of War from Poland did well to release this, all the songs are ripping and relentless; these Poles sure know how to write a goddamn riff, they showcase an above-average-level of proficiency in regards to playing their instruments. The lyrics are cool, with themes about evil and death. This is 80’s worship through and through, although with a slight modern touch. All in all, if you’re one of those nostalgic bastards who can’t get enough of old-school metal, then Warfist is for you.