Bestialized – ‘Termestella Cvltvs’

Artist: Bestialized

Title: Termestella Cvltvs

Label: Murdher Records / Satanath Records

Year: 2016

Review by JH

The term “apocalyptic” fits this Colombian horde very well. Their style of choice is fast and brutal black/death, with a certain South American flair prevalent in what they do. While their sound might not be terribly unique, it’s definitely far from being awful, drawing parallels to bands like Impiety and Infernal Execrator.

Termestella Cvltvs offers some truly vicious moments — with tracks like Algorab Domain and Black Sun Servants, the band shows what they’re all about, bringing a good dose of merciless riffs and hard-gitting drumming. The instrumentation, while not excessively technical, is certainly impressive. Each song append tight arrangements, interspersed with dark melodies and a blasphemous atmosphere. I couldn’t help but notice just how much this album reminds me of Impiety’s classic Asateerul Awaleen. The vocals might be an acquired taste since they are quite high-pitched, although extremely hostile in their delivery. There are some backing growls too, which vocally, adds more aggression to the music.

Most of the songs are between three to over four minutes, which is appropriate for this style. The songs are fairly accessible, but it doesn’t compromise brutality. As a result, they’re pretty damn memorable. Overall, this album runs at a pretty menacing duration, featuring nine tracks of war-ridden chaos. I definitely recommend it if you fancy the sounds of bands like Impiety, Surrender of Divinity, or Arkhon Infaustus.