Blessed Death – ‘Kill or be Killed’

Artist: Blessed Death

Title: Kill or be Killed

Label: Megaforce Records

Year: 1985

Review by Mike Keller

This album here, is one of the root causes for my band, Sacrificial Blood. A few months ago, I had a conversation with Mike from Cianide about how this album along with “Tales Of Terror” by Hallows Eve were borderline death metal for the era in terms of pushing thrash metal to its absolute limits in terms of aggression and intensity, along with an atmosphere obsessed with death, violence, horror ― and everything dark and morbid. The very first time …


Interview – ‘Goathammer’

Filth-purveyors, GOATHAMMER, hail from Saskatoon, Canada, and bring total death and total doom with their ominous style of black metal and bare-bones songwriting. Get some whiskey, drugs, whatever ― consume the supplements, and read the interview that follows…

Hails cryptfucking demonizers!!! To get this interview underway, I guess an introduction of some sort would be necessary. Also, can you give us some details about the current-line up and what you’ve released so far.
Sadowulf: Well, we are Goathammer. A …


Druidus – ‘Bestial Crust’

Artist: Druidus

Title: Bestial Crust

Label: Till You Fukkin Bleed

Year: 2013

Review by JH

Hailing from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, these Saskatoon goats play an extremely bleak and aggressive amalgamation of black and death metal, which is similar to bands like Wargoat and Sadomator. The demo in question, entitled “Bestial Crust,” features four devastating tracks, including a killer cover of Black Witchery’s “Unholy Vengeance of War.”
Musically, they do strike me as somewhat distinctive compared to contemporary acts based on the fact that they incorporate a good portion of hardcore / crust elements. …


Human Compost – ‘From the Grave They Crawl’

Artist: Human Compost

Title: From the Grave They Crawl

Label: Horror Pain Gore Death

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Based in Toronto, these Canadians started their activities back in 2008. Up until now they have released three EPs, a promo, and then this ―  their debut album, aptly titled “From the Grave they Crawl.” Delivering some utterly savage, filth-drenched death metal which is as old-school as it gets, this band is all about grinding brutality. But their sound isn’t entirely focused on sounding heavy for the sake of sounding heavy; there’s definitely some dark overtones prevalent here.
The music …


Druidus / Goathammer – ‘Cryptfucking Demonizers of Holocaustic Wrath’

Artist: Druidus / Goathammer

Title: Cryptfucking Demonizers of Holocaustic Wrath

Label: Independent

Year: 2014

Review by JH

There’s no doubt about the fact that Canadians have an infatuation with filthy, primal black/death. The bands featured on this split present just that. With both bands hailing from Saskatoon (the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan), these two necromancers join forces in an alliance of blasphemy and hate, to present this split of evil, barbaric black/death metal.
Side Druidus:
Impious Cruelty immediately beats the listener into submission with an obnoxious speed metal riff, whereby the second song …