Void Meditation Cult – ‘Utter the Tongue of the Dead’

Artist: Void Meditation Cult

Title: Utter the Tongue of the Dead

Label: Hells headbangers

Year: 2016

Review by Skylar

Void Meditation Cult is a band that simply needs no introduction. But for those of you who have never had the pleasure of hearing them, they are unambiguously, one of the best black metal bands around nowadays. That’s saying a lot coming from me because I’m EXTREMELY picky with my black metal. They hail from the very obscure, and far away land of…. OHIO: the state that’s been having an influx of great music being put out these days, Void Meditation Cult being one of my favorites.

Utter the Tongue of the Dead is Void Meditation Cult’s debut album, coming in at about 35 minutes long, with 10 songs that are nothing but dirty, heavy, almost death/doom inspired. The album immediately opens up with a short intro of ritualistic whispering. Perhaps the whispering is supposed to literally represent the uttering of the dead? Whatever it is, it opens up the gate up to one hell of an eerie, repugnant experience. The vocals in every song carry a “phlegm-y” sound, that are often reminiscent of Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance’s vocals. The vocals fit the overall grimy atmosphere of the whole album. Everything comes together nicely: the heavy, bone-crushing guitar tones, the pounding drums, the Gregorian chants in the background… It makes for one spectacular experience. A few of the songs that really showcase this are: “Defile & Devour” and “Alms For the Eyeless Idol”.

This album is not for people who solely want some speed in their black metal, nor is it for the meek-minded soul. Utter the Tongue of the Dead is an excellent album to check out if you’re new to Void Meditation Cult.