Interview -‘Human Compost’

HUMAN COMPOST is a killer five-piece death/grind band from Toronto that plays in the vein of bands like MORTICIAN,  IMPETIGO and EXHUMED. You can also find a review of their debut album, From The Graves They Craw (here). The following interview was conducted by JH in January, 2017.   

Hails! Can you give us a brief history of the band and what you’ve released so far?

Chris: Eddie and Chris formed the band in 2008, wrote a few songs and put it on hold to focus on other things at the time. In 2013 we decided to give it another go and reform it with a full lineup. Since then we’ve released 3 EPs digitally and our full length album on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

How would you describe your sound to those who haven’t heard it and what are your influences?

Chris: I usually describe it as a mix between Mortician and Autopsy. As for my influences, Mortician, Impetigo, Autopsy, Machetazo.

How did the collaboration with Horror Pain Death Gore Productions come about?

Chris: Our good friend Aaron from Cropsy Maniac told me about them.

The production on your album is really crushing. What can you tell me about the recording process and what kind of sound you were going for? Are you satisfied with final results?

Geoff: Wow, thanks for the kind words on the production. I’m in charge of the recording and mixing process. I try to go for a sound with a decent amount of fidelity, while not being too clean and tidy. Too many metal records are overproduced and sterilized. To ensure that the proper vibe of decay and dying is there, we keep the sounds organic and warm.

In Human compost, who writes the lyrics, and which inspirations make such romantic poetry flow through the author’s pen?

Geoff: I write the lyrics, though the themes are usually chosen by Chris, our mastermind and leader. They’re often related to classic horror films, though we’ll also use sick concepts of our own choosing.

You’ve released a few EPs prior to the full-length. Any chance of assembling those older tracks into compilation?

Allen: We’ve definitely been mulling the idea around. In all likeliness we will, though with a few more new tracks recorded for everyone who didn’t already enjoy them gratis.

Eddie: Yes.

Are any of the members involved in other projects?

Chris: I also play bass in a goregrind band called Brain Spasm.

Geoff: I drum with Chris in Brain Spasm, as well as drumming with Eddie in Vesication.

Allen: I also drum for Serene Molestation, with Andrew on Lead Guitar/Vox

Eddie: I play guitars in a dirty groovy deathgrind band Vesication with Geoff.

Which were the bands that inspired you to pick up an instrument? Has the influences changed much over the years?

Chris: Mortician for me, one of the first bands of this genre i’ve heard and they just stuck. they’ve influenced my playing and songwriting.

Geoff: I started off in my preteens with the kind of metal/rock most preteens liked at the time (late nineties), but eventually had to listen to and play something heavier and more challenging. My gateway drug into real metal was Death, which relates to Compost in the way that I still can’t avoid a Schuldinerian rhyming scheme.

Allen: Exhumed’s Gore Metal and Dying Fetus’ Killing on Adrenaline were the album that made me get off my ass and grab my own drum set, and I haven’t stopped playing since.

Eddie: Started out early with old thrash, then onto death metal, then onto grind with some stoner stuff thrown in there somewhere.

What can you tell us about the death metal/grind scene in Toronto? Are there any bands worth recommending?

Chris: It’s small but it’s there, and the people involved are supportive. As for bands: vesication, serene molestation, paroxsihzem, burdizzo, latrodectus, corprophemia (a bit outside toronto, but absolutely worth mentioning)..

Allen: Ya, it’s a pretty close knit scene here, so there are pretty much members of nearly every brutal band in every other brutal band in the GTA. I will say Gravitational Distortion are a personal favorite that Chris missed, and Disgust (though, again, somewhat just outside the city) and Lapidate (RIP).

10 albums you can’t live without?

Chris: Mortician – Chainsaw Dismemberment, Mortician – House by the Cemetery, Impetigo – Horror of the Zombies, Obituary – Slowly We Rot, Deicide – Serpents of the Light, Kataklysm – Sorcery, Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Rotting Christ – Khronos, Manowar – Kings of Metal, Manowar – Gods of War

Geoff: Question is too hard and I’ll probably spend half of the answers on my pussy-ass music that you guys are going to laugh at.

Allen: Origin -Informis/Infinitas/Inhumanitas, Gorgasm – Orgy of Murder, Gorguts – Erosion of Sanity, Devourment – Butcher the Weak, Disavowed – Perceptive Deception, Pyaemia – Cerebral Cereal, Immolation – Failures for Gods, Retch – Ben Was Baby Heads, Nasum – Inhale/Exhale, Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding

Eddie: In no order and little thought – Suffocation’s Pierced from Within, Dying Fetus’s Stop and Nothing, Jig Ai’s Katana Orgy, Super Fun Happy Slide’s Drop Your Pants and Grind, anything from Wormrot, Agathocles’ Razor Sharp Daggers, Cliteater’s Clit ‘Em All, Electric Wizard’s Come my Fanatics, Kyuss’s Welcome to Sky Valley, and Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger,

What are some of your favorite titles in horror cinema?

Chris: Maniac, Pieces, Halloween (up to 6), Friday the 13th (Up to Jason Takes Manhattan), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist 3, The Burning, The Prowler, Dario Argento’s Opera, Deep Red, Suspiria, etc.. could go on and on

Allen: More than I can list. Some personal faves include: The Mist, Black Christmas, The Exorcist, all the Evil Deads and the original Hellraiser to list a few.

Are there any bands from the last few years that have caught your attention? Which other bands do you support?

Chris: Cropsy Maniac, Undergang, Mgla and Aosoth are pretty good too, I’m sure theres been a few more.

Allen: Carnivore Diprosopus, Drawn and Quartered, Hymenotomy, Traumatomy, Defeated Sanity…..fuck, too many to count. I’ll let the guys keep filling this list.

Eddie: The reformation of Windor’s Coprophemia as we played their CD release show and they played ours, some brutal shit. The goregrinders Holy Cost from Montreal have been putting out some sick tunes lately as well.

What does the future hold for Human Compost and how can people get in touch? Thanks for your time!

Geoff: Chris is always writing new songs. There without a doubt will be more recordings in the near future, though whether or not it’s an EP, split or full length is yet to be determined. We can mostly easily be reached through Facebook. Also check us out on bandcamp at: