Hordes of the Black Cross – ‘Dawn of War, Nights of Chaos’

Artist: Hordes of the Black Cross

Title: Dawn of War, Nights of Chaos

Label: N/A

Year: 2015

Review by JH

This Melbourne four-piece known as Hordes of the Black Cross kick a big ball of dirt in your face with their debut album, Dawn of War, Nights of Chaos.

Black/thrash has always been a very hit and miss style, with some bands pulling it off to a tee, while others just fail at producing anything worthwhile. Hordes of the Black Cross definitely fall in the first category. The band has a very natural sound; one could easily mistake this as a black metal album considering the high-level of aggression, as well as the very “epic” and menacing undertones that underline the music. It’s very rough around the edges, raw, in your face, merciless, et cetera.

While the band brings to mind some of the finest in the genre ― Sathanas, Nocturnal Breed, Destroyer 666 ― there’s also strong Nordic black metal influences in terms of the atmosphere. A feeling of epicness is prominent in these tracks. The musicianship, while not quite superb, is certainly proficient as every song comes off as well executed and boasts with an excellent production overall. These Aussies have done well to go under the radar up until now, but hopefully that will change soon, since Dawn of War, Nights of Chaos is a great debut album that deserves every maniac’s attention.