Démonos – ‘From Sacred to Profane’

Artist: Démonos

Title: From Sacred to Profane

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions / Tour De Garde / Dunkelheit Produktionen

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Démonos is a new rising entity in the Indian extreme metal underground and From Sacred to Profane is their debut LP. The band plays a minimalistic, yet fairly melodic brand of black metal that includes samples and ambient passages to enrich the atmosphere. Sometimes the music reminds me of early Rotting Christ, other times it brings to mind bands like Krohm and Mystifier. I would say that all of the above bands are relevant reference points.

Listening to this EP in its entirety is literally like experiencing a ritual in the form of music; there’s a very lurking and sinister mood that underline these songs. The music is primarily influenced by second-wave black metal, although far removed from sounding like some cheap, uninspired rehash. This is, at least to my ears, a very innovative release that comes of as serious and true in its aesthetics.

The production on this EP is clear and heavy, which definitely adds some depth to the performance. Démonos is not a band to hide their music behind a static wall of noise, the music relies heavy on riffs to convey the desired effect, emitting a powerful and dynamic atmosphere that is enthralling as it is sinister. The feeling you get from listening to these songs can best be described as liberating in a mystical sense.

Having recently featured a review for Chinnamasta, Démonos is the second black metal band from India to feature on this website. Coincidentally, both bands have released material through Iron Bonehead Productions. All in all, this is a pretty great EP that gets my highest recommendation.