Cioran – ‘Bestiale Battito Divino’

Artist: Cioran

Title: Bestiale Battito Divino

Label: Caligari Records

Year: 2017

Review by JH

I think one of the most gratifying aspects of doing reviews is the fact that you tend to discover cool shit ― which in this case, brings us to Cioran. Released on cassette by Caligari Records, these Italians came as a rather nice surprise, since I had never heard of them before.

Bestiale Battito Divino is the band’s third release in a time span of five years as their discography already includes a demo from 2012 and EP from 2014. It says the band plays a mish mash of black metal and hardcore punk, although the latter seems to be the less prominent aspect of the music.

To these ears, the band plays a visceral and cacophonous strain of black/death that’s best compared to bands like Antaeus, Katechon and Black Witchery. There’s a definite militant aspect about what they do; the music comes of as incessantly aggressive, barbaric and downright unapologetic in its nature. Saturated in layers of sonic access and tumultuous percussion, there’s no denying the competency of skills at display. Vociferous screams are present throughout each track, proclaiming its presence as an integral part of the never ending cacophony.

Bestiale Battito Divino contains six tracks of pure filth, clocking at a devastating length of 25 minutes. The tape version can be obtained through Caligari Records.

Label contact: caligarirecords[@]