Nest – ‘Nest’

Artist: Nest

Title: Nest

Label: Gloom Pit Records

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Nest is a sludge/doom metal two-piece hailing from the city of Lexington and the release under review is their latest 7″EP released through Gloom Pit Records. The band specializes in murky sludge/­doom metal that evokes a truly morose atmosphere, with ultra deep, course vocal lines saturated in a barrage of heavy, down-tuned guitars that cuts through your flesh like a scalpel. The two songs featured (‘Spiked and Abandoned,’ ‘Boundless’) are punishing and fully immersed in despair that conjures a  ridiculously bleak picture of post-apocalyptic dystopia.

When bands attempt to pull this style off, they either do an exceedingly good job at it, or barely manage to produce some sub-par material. In the case of Nest, I’d say they fall in the category of those who “do it right” ― as this beastly 7″ is absolute proof of that. The raucous and bare-bones songwriting approach brings to mind heavy weights like Burning Witch, Khanate and Goatsblood; each of these two tracks come off as well-crafted, with frenetic, yet tight arrangements, fluctuating in a deep, pulsating resonance that encapsulate the feeling of being alone in a cave surrounded by the odor of death. Sludge metal enthusiasts will eat this shit up.

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