The Projectionist – ‘The Gallowforest Eulogy’

Artist: The Projectionist

Title: The Gallowforest Eulogy

Label: The True Plague / Appalachian Noise

Year: 2016

Review by JH

The Projectionist is but one of the many alter-ego manifestations lead by Lord Matzigkeitus ― a very prolific and capable vocalist. On this recording, poetically titled The Gallowforest Eulogy, we are presented with five lengthy tracks of haunting and utterly bleak music that follows in the path of bands like Xasthur, Drowning the Light and Nyktalgia.

I wouldn’t really call this “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal,” however, its stylistic approach seems to fit that description. The music is minimalistic, slow, yet fully immersed in layers of haunting riffs, with an atmosphere so cold, it’ll make you want to turn on a heater or three. Each track is quite distinctive from each other, too. I think anyone suffering from depression would do well to stay as far away from The Projectionist as possible; this band will end your miserable life. The whole feeling and mood of the music conjures feelings of despair and utter hopelessness ― and I mean that in the best way possible. The vocals are downright warped and will compel you to roughly peel your own face with a blunt piece of sea shell. Instrumentally, the band is quite competent and there’s definitely some interesting ideas throughout; however, like I said earlier, the music is very minimalist and heavily emphasizes the atmosphere.

Fans of bands like Silencer, Sterbend, Nyktalgia ― would do well to check out The Projectionist.

Band contact: russuffocation[@]