Synteleia – ‘Astral Blasphemies’

Artist: Synteleia

Title: Astral Blasphemies

Label: Independent

Year: 2016

Review by JH

As of late, there has been a renaissance in the 90’s Greek black metal sound, with many bands emerging and putting out quality music that pays tribute to bands like Varathron, Necromantia and Rotting Christ.

Synteleia from Athens is no exception to the rule as they seem to wear their influences on their sleeves; evoking the spirit of the old Greek sound in absolute fine splendor. Astral Blasphemies is their debut effort; a four-track rehearsal demo released on a limited quantity of 50 copies (for promotional means). The band churns out some decidedly solid traditional black metal redolent of the bands mentioned earlier in this review. The music explores mid-paced to more uptempo territories saturated in melodic sensibilities, yet thoroughly straight-forward in structure. The atmosphere emits an epic feeling similar to how it was conjured on those old recordings of Rotting Christ and Varathron. The band definitely made sure that they pull off this style to a tee by infusing a touch of keys, adding a truly majestic feel to the music. These four songs are absolutely rich in atmosphere and in no way lacks depth.

After listening to this demo repeatedly, I can safely say that Astral Blasphemies is a rather stellar first entry for the band. Not bad at all for a rehearsal demo. Syntelia is a band worth checking out.

Band contact: nyctelios1977[@]