Terrörhammer – ‘Under The Unholy Command’

Artist: Terrörhammer

Title: Under The Unholy Command

Label: Deathrune Records

Year: 2005

Review by JH

Terrörhammer from Serbia plays high-octane black/thrash that does one thing and one thing only: bulldoze you with a tsunami of neck-snapping riffs. Under The Unholy Command is the band’s debut album, and also their first release for the Spanish label, Deathrune Records. The band gets everything right; a fiercely enjoyable brand of black/speed/thrash that should just about appeal to anyone who appreciates contemporary acts inspired by Motörhead, Sodom, Bathory, Possessed, etc.

Bands like Terrörhammer are the real deal and a prime example of how to play this style right. I mean, we’ve got song titles like Necro Speed Megalomania, Hell Commando, and Dawn of the Pentagram for crying out loud. Instrumentally, the band delivers the goods; there’s no denying the prominence of the musicianship ― especially the riffs ― which is out of this world, and they did not forget to throw in a few top-tier solos for good measure. The production seems to be quite adequate, giving power to every instrument; a definite plus for the music.

Terrörhammer doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel; instead, what they do is giving it a real good spin. Anyone who says speed/thrash metal is dead should listen to this album and reconsider their opinion. These Serbian maniacs have released what could easily be the best black/thrash metal album of 2015. Definitely check them out if you like bands like Midnight, Hellish Crossfire and Deathhammer.

Label contact: info[@]deathrune-records.com