Thrashfire – ‘Vengeance of Fire’

Artist: Thrashfire

Title: Vengeance of Fire

Label: Xtreem Music

Year: 2015

Review by JH

Thrashfire from Turkey plays violent, unforgiving thrash that sometimes borders on the sounds of death metal. The release under review (“Vengeance of Fire”) is an EP, featuring four brand new tracks, as well as two demo songs taken from their 2007 promo.
Vengeance of Fire is an ambitious little EP that delivers a high-velocity thrash pounding possessed by pure brimstone and fire. The music has a very barbaric and hateful tone that seems to be a common trait amongst Turkish …


Battlestorm – ‘Demonic Incursion’

Artist: Battlestorm

Title: Demonic Incursion

Label: Deathrash Armageddon

Year: 2010

Review by JH

Released back in 2010, Demonic Incursion is the debut album from Battlestorm ― a black/death/thrash band from Singapore that has been carving a name for themselves locally and abroad. Throughout the years, the album has been released on various formats including CD (Deathhrash Armageddon), LP (At War with False Noise) and cassette (RawblackKult Productions.) Their debut album offers a highly militant attack of blackened death that mixes aggression with melody in an cohesive manner. The music has a fairly barbaric …


Interview – ‘Blood Division’

Blood Division is a blackened crust band from Singapore featuring former and current members of bands like Impiety, Absence of the Sacred and Draconis Infernum. A review of their debut album, Traitors to the Gallows can be found here. The following interview was done in January, 2017.
Hails! What was the reason for the formation of Blood Division and what is the message behind it?
M: I was always influenced by both Punk and Metal growing up in the …