Crimson Moon – ‘Oneironaut’

Artist: Crimson Moon

Title: Oneironaut

Label: World Terror Committee

Year: 2016

Review by Nachash

I always considered Crimson Moon one of the strongest bands in occult black metal and I knew instantly that this album was going to be mind blowing (considering I had also listened to the second track some time before the album was getting finally released). The album as a whole is similar to “The Choice of Spirit” in some ways, only noticeably more aggressive than anything they have done before.

Every song on the album has a slightly different approach and development while maintaining a very consistent quality and depth in the compositions. While “Molding of a Spell” and “Seeker of the 7th Gate” focus on a more menacing and dark atmosphere, the album often goes back to ritualistic chanting and instrumental parts that complement the songs perfectly.

The title track seems more varied and experimental than the others. This song feels really complete and adds another element to the sound that has been created on the album.

I really have only good things to say about this album and couldn’t imagine it being more refined or think of anything that should have been added to make it even better. The fact that the entire album sounds so genuine and innovative makes me appreciate every single part of it.

This is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys black metal that has lyrics filled with obscure themes and an exotic sound with a masterful execution.

What this album represents is nothing less than an uncompromising and zealous masterpiece of wisdom and dedication to the sacred magickal disciplines.


Seeker of the 7th Gate


Molding of a Spell