Mechina – ‘Progenitor’

Artist: Mechina

Title: Progenitor

Label: Independent

Year: 2016

Review by Nachash

Mechina has been a very interesting and special band for me since I started listening to them. This album is for me another masterpiece that develops the same kind of feeling and aesthetics that make up the last album and builds upon it to create something that sounds more refined with a stronger effect in every way. The sound of individual instruments hasn’t changed much but it takes a different approach and the fluidity of each part of the songs is improved.

The intro is a short ambient track that sounds like it’s part of a science-fiction movie and fits the overall musical concept very well. The music is for the most part highly technical and mechanical death metal that puts alot of emphasis on the orchestral aspect. Songs like “Ashes of Old Earth” and “Starscape” use clean vocals that add some depth to the music while “Cryoshock” and “The Horizon Effect” feature only female vocals. The last track, “Progenitor”, distinguishes itself with its peaceful atmosphere that remains until the last seconds.

What I like most about this album is it seems to go beyond any limitations about this genre of music and just reaches every peak they can possibly attempt to reach. A good example of this is the frenzied solo near the end of “Planetfall” which only adds more energy to the song and makes it the heaviest and fastest track of the record by far.

This one doesn’t appear as experimental and not exactly as uplifting as some moments on the previous full length, but it really doesn’t lack any of the intensity or qualities that made that album such an adventurous and complete achievement. The artwork gives a clear hint at what should be expected from this release’s concept and sound: a sense of boudlessness with an immersive atmosphere and a profound message. All the tracks here are very solid and bring a completely unique element to the whole experience. There isn’t a song I don’t appreciate since they are all well written and make the record more varied.

This album is recommended for anyone who likes what could be considered truly groundbreaking and incredibly heavy music with a certain contrast and deep, meaningful lyrics.


The Horizon Effect



Ashes of Old Earth