Obsessör – ‘Blitzkrieg Battalion’

Artist: Obsessör

Title: Blitzkrieg Battalion

Label: Goatkult Symphonies

Year: 2011

Review by JH

The debut offering from these German tyrants offers a no-holds-barred assault of old-school black/thrash that has 80’s worship stamped all over it. Starting off this disc, Blitzkrieg Battalion wastes no time in getting to the point, featuring an organic and dense-thick sound complimentary to their style. There’s a slight fuzz to the production that adds a kind of density to the atmosphere. The music is mid-paced, with catchy rhythms that weave through the filthy thick reverb, as harsh throaty growls beckon the call like a whiskey-drenched demon. The vocals are well-executed, they’re not particularly high nor low, but somewhere in between.

This album is a total thrash attack, although every now and then a bit of black metal atmosphere seeps in, effectively fusing the two genres tastefully and with style. Bands like Bathory, Hellhammer, Sodom, all play their role in establishing Obsessör’s sound. The solos on this release are brief and vengeful, while they aren’t a display of grand virtuosity, they do suffice to bring poignancy to the intended aggression.

There’s a total of eleven songs on Blitzkrieg Battalion, giving you forty-five minutes of pure diabolical metal. That said, this definitely qualifies as a proper full-length. While the material on this disc is far from what one would consider “technical,” it emits a kind of bestial atmosphere and appeal that identifies more with bands like Sarcofago and Bathory than anything else. As primitive as the music may be, It’s also very effective and catchy all the same. Do not let the term “catchy” scare you away, this is still far, far from being remotely accessible. The album per se has a very underground tone and quality, especially in terms of the production, therefore, it could come off as a bit inhospitable to those looking for something cleaner. Blitzkrieg Battalion is kinda like the modern equavalent of Bathory’s s/t debut, but with an upgraded degree of instrumental proficiency and heavier production. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then it probably is.