Slice of Sorrow – ‘Pay for Pain’

Artist: Slice of Sorrow

Title: Pay for Pain

Label: Independent

Year: 2015

Review by JH

Russian band Slice of Sorrow  brings you an interesting mix of atmospheric death metal. Their EP “Pay for pain” mixes in their melodic and doom influences. Infectious riffs pave the way, and a few piano interludes add another dimension. There is no doubt that these guys master their instruments well. The music has a nice atmospheric touch to it, and the melodic rhythms are tinged with darkness, which I really like. I mean, it’s accessible, but in a grim kind of way. The vocalist displays a variety well-executed grunts with added high-pitched screams. The keyboards stand out as nicely implemented and add a sort of “gothic” feel to the music. For their sound, I would reference bands like Kalmah, Amorphis and A Cavernous Quintet. I think it’s easy to make the conclusion on what the band sounds like just based on their name. This EP is solid, and even though it isn’t what I normally listen to, I can certainly appreciate the ideas and degree of effort put into the music. If dark, melodic death metal with an atmospheric touch is your thing, especially those who like the aforementioned bands’ works, then be sure to check these guys out.