Acid Enema – ‘Misanthropic Visions’

Artist: Acid Enema

Title: Misanthropic Visions

Label: Legs Akimbo Records (UK)

Year: 2015

Review by Tërrørgåsm

From the debauched pits of desert wasteland, Sin City, the third full-length from electronic black metal freaks Acid Enema, “Misanthropic Visions” was excreted into the world in the last cold month of 2015, and although it flew under the radar of most blackmetalvores (it was independently released with 100 copies), the tracks contained on this album are worth delving into for any fanatic of aural dark arts.
The first cut “Hymn for the Godless” starts out auspiciously enough with a …


Herida Profunda – ‘Herida Profunda’

Artist: Herida Profunda

Title: Herida Profunda

Label: 783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew

Year: 2013

Review by JH

Herida Profunda (Deep wound in Spanish) is a metallic hardcore/crust outfit from Poland founded in 2012. The LP in question was initially released back in 2013, although has recently been reissued after some renewed interest in the band following their split with Hellbastard.
What we have here is a highly deadly concoction of some of the heaviest elements taken from grind, crust and hardcore, sounding like a mish mash between bands like Driller Killer, Nasum, Napalm Death, The Exploited and …