Obeisance – ‘Satanik Fuck’

Artist: Obeisance

Title: Satanik Fuck

Label: Morbid Moon records

Year: 2009

Review by JH

The Hell Paso bastards known as Obeisance have been active in the underground for a decade and are well known for their salvos of primitive black/thrash. Their sound emits a kind of bestial vibe redolent of bands like Blasphemy, Sodom and Bathory. In short: Obeisance are the real deal. For new listeners, Satanik Fuck is perhaps not the best introduction to the band’s brand of war black thrash, as it is a compilation of demo/rehearsal and re-recorded versions of songs previously featured in various EPs, albums and splits. This disc is more of a collector’s item for the seasoned fan. However, I am glad I obtained this album, since it features material I hadn’t heard before as well as several old songs exclusively re-recorded for this release with an unique raw sound quality. I recommend this to any fans of Obeisance; those who aren’t familiar with them should start with Lucifer Master or Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil instead.