The Projectionist – ‘Exalted Solitude’

Artist: The Projectionist

Title: Exalted Solitude

Label: Appalachian Noise Records / The True Plague Records

Year: 2017

Review by JH

The second album by Canada’s The Projectionist, titled Exalted Solitude, sees the band vomit yet another dose of despondent black metal fully immersed in black despair. Striborg, Burzum and Ildjarn may be cited as reference points for the band’s sound. The vocals are experimental, incorporating various modes of delivery, which adds a sort of frenzied edge to the music. While the vocals are engaging, they are occasionally louder in the mix than ideal, which prevents some of the riffs from cutting through to maximum effect. Also, I think the music would’ve had a more natural feel had the members actually recorded these songs together and not separately. These aren’t massive setbacks, but obviously something to improve on. Other than that, Exalted Solitude is a competent exercise in raw, unbridled black metal, with a grim atmosphere and morbid poetry to drive the sane insane. Recommended if the mentioned bands are your kind of hell.