The Sarcophagus – ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’

Artist: The Sarcophagus

Title: Beyond This World's Illusion

Label: Satanath Records

Year: 2017

Review by Nachash

This album couldn’t really be better for me. A significant part of the record is focused on melodic guitars unlike the first full-length which didn’t use them as much. Everything I would have expected for this release has been included and emphasized. This band seems to use any idea they can come up with to make every song incredible on its own. They have an unusually mysterious and chaotic sound.

At the beginning of “Armoured Death”, the ambience becomes grim and harrowing as sirens resound before resuming the outburst of riffs and blast beats. “Sapremia of Earthly Creatures” is abyssal and terrorizing, without any respite from the suffocating anguish and tension. The enthralling guitars on “Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom” make the song descend further into a realm of endless darkness.

This is black metal that doesn’t compromise. All that is apparent through the songs is the hatred that is depicted in their art, which constitutes the foundation of the music itself. The album’s sound is intense and overwhelmingly hostile.

Every track is very well balanced. The amount of detail and variations of atmosphere on this album is impressive. The riffs and drums constantly evolve, changing direction and perspective.

With this release, The Sarcophagus succeed to bring something entirely new to the genre, manifesting their own vision of extreme music. Anyone who likes a lot of black metal with melodic riffs and an extremely sharp, unique sound, shouldn’t overlook this record.

The Profanity Rites
Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom
Reign of Chaos
Sapremia of Earthly Creatures