Shrine of Insanabilis – ‘Disciples of the Void’

Artist: Shrine of Insanabilis

Title: Disciples of the Void

Label: World Terror Committee

Year: 2015

Review by Nachash

I usually know when I discover a band if it’s one of the artists I’m the most obsessed with or just something I might want to listen to regularly simply because I like it, regardless of genres or my preferences. I liked the songs themselves and I thought the artwork is interesting to say the least, but after listening to it a few times I realized how insane and aggressive the whole album is. With all the great albums coming out these days in this genre, this is definitely one of the darkest and most wrathful I can think of.

“Invocation” is a hymn of luciferian adoration that throws the listener straight into a realm of hellish and majestic soundscapes. Other songs such as “Ruina” and “Acausal Paths” are truly ferocious and vile, providing a clear insight into the intent that is at the origin of the album’s concept.
The record is relying on razor-sharp guitars and impactful drums that culminate in a seriously haunting and threatening atmosphere. I just love every aspect of it. This album is anything but disappointing.

The trance-inducing percussions and highly distorted guitars evolve through the songs, creating a dire aura and sometimes getting totally out of control. All the various ideas being used are really effective. The music is varied, with a few brief atmospheric parts that shut off  the barrage of blast beats before the subsequent riffs kick in. It’s quite harsh for the most part and has a particularly diabolical feeling.

The songs on this album are absolute musical devastation and desolation. If you like black metal albums that sound very malevolent and intensive, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this up.