Communion – ‘At the Announcement’

Artist: Communion

Title: At the Announcement

Label: Hell's Headbangers

Year: 2018

Review by JH

Those who like their black metal safe and full of soft melodies, will probably not like Communion very much. However, those with a perpetual hunger for evil metal ― especially in the South American tradition ― will no doubt cum buckets upon hearing Communion’s debut album, At the Announcement.

I remember getting my hands on their demo when it came out and being totally blown away by its intensity and sinister atmosphere, especially the track “Black Metal Dagger.” Now, I listen to Communion’s debut album, and get the same sensation, except it’s like that with every track ― It’s that good.

Musically, Communion can be loosely compared to acts like Force of Darkness, Hades Archer, Invincible Force, and other like-minded bands. It is also worth noting that the band takes a fair share of inspiration from older bands like Sodom, Bathory, and Slayer.

This album opens with “Impalement to Destroy” ― a three-minute onslaught of throat-slitting riffs and lethal vocals that rage like the force of fire, while songs like “Secret Rites” and “At The Announcement” batters you into submission with brutish intensity and thrash-like pummelling. The drums are excellent too; fast, hard-hitting, and well-implemented in the mix, while the guitars are rhythmic and heavy like the darkening of clouds. The performance is intense and creates a suffocating aura of darkness that tightens its grip on you with every passing second.

It is my infallible believe that there must be something in the air in South America, since a lot of bands from that continent have been raising the bar for extreme satanic metal ever since I can remember.

If you thought the new Taake was evil, then you will probably die of shock upon hearing this. At The Announcement stops at nothing, not even for the old lady crossing the street. If I’m not mistaken, the band released two albums on the same day (the other one which is called “The Communion”), although the tracks on At The Announcement were recorded between 2014 – 2017, thus the first full-length. Those who like their metal raw, evil, and old-school to the bone,  will eat this shit up.