In Obscurity Revealed – ‘Path of the Seeker’

Artist: In Obscurity Revealed

Title: Path of the Seeker

Label: Cyclopean Eye Productions

Year: 2017

Review by JH

In Obscurity Revealed is a four-piece death metal act from Mexico City featuring past and current members of bands like Infesticide, Raped God 666, and Arsonist. Path Of The Seeker was inititually recorded in 2015, but it was only until recently that they’ve managed to get it released courtesy of Cyclopean Eye Productions.

The five tracks featured on this EP are well-crafted, traditional death metal, with nods to bands like Carnage, Abscess, and even Nifelheim. The band keeps the music as authentic as possible, yet avert from sounding too cookie-cutter. The production and mix is fairly decent for a demo/EP release as all the instruments can be heard well enough. Collectively, the band performs their instruments well, with a procession of sharp, shredding riffs and raw vocals that lead the attack with fervor.

The riffs are menacing and manage to emit a rather brooding tone, with a guitar sound somewhat reminiscent of Swedish death metal, but not in a total carbon-copy sense. These songs could probably benefit by incorporating a few solos. The production is pretty standard for a demo and has a slight low-end fuzz, but it actually works in the band’s favour and gives the music a sort of archaic feel.

The songs aren’t exactly very lengthy, but despite that, Path of the Seeker holds up quite well and is a solid first entry for these Mexican fiends. I definitely enjoyed this EP and am compelled to check out what else the band has in store.