Ritual Genocide – ‘Commencement Towards Annihilation’

Artist: Ritual Genocide

Title: Commencement Towards Annihilation

Label: Black Plague Records / The True Plague

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Ritual Genocide is a three-piece from Reno, Nevada, and play a decidedly abrasive black/death metal in the vein of acts like Revenge, Conqueror, and Bestial Warlust. The release in question, Commencement Towards Annihilation, is the band’s debut EP and destroys without mercy.

From the get go, these six songs relentlessly attack the listener with a barrage of chaotic chainsaw riffs, hateful vocals, and militant drums beats. The downtuned guitars along with the bass rely heavily on distortion to create a grating, dissonant affect. Needless to say, it’s heavy as fuck. There are no such thing as melodies of any kind present on this release — it’s pure nuclear devastation from start to finish.

You know you’re in for some heavy and hateful shit when you have a band with song titles like “Anti Filth Campaign” and “Might of the Iron Fortress.” Ritual Genocide could be seen as the antithesis of all that is accessible, trendy, and mainstream — the quintessential “War Metal.”

Commencement Towards Annihilation demolishes everything within a thousand yard radius. Anything closer will be reduced to fucking mash. If you like your aborted goat foetus with some extra barbed wire and a handful of grenades, then this is undoubtedly the dish for you — best served raw, of course.