Barbaric Horde – ‘Tainted Impurity’

Artist: Barbaric Horde

Title: Tainted Impurity

Label: War Arts Productions

Year: 2017

Review by JH

When a band takes their name from a Bestial Warlust track, you know you’re in for some heavy shit — and that’s exactly what these Portuguese miscreants deliver with their second offering, “Tainted Impurity.”

Everything about this band is primitive. Even the artwork, which depicts two crossed baseballs bats hinged with spikes behind a gasmask. Barbaric Horde offers five tracks of cavernous war metal with an ascetic devotion to extremity; violent vocals, hammering drums, and a barrage of sick riffs. It wouldn’t be too far off to compare these guys to Bestial Raids or Black Witchery, since they share a similar approach and aesthetic. That being said, it was a nice surprise to hear something like this coming from Portugal, which is more or less known for its small, but healthy black metal scene.

All in all, this demo is pretty sick. I’ve listened to it numerous times and dig the intensity it delivers. Anyone familiar with this style will hear traits from the aforementioned bands as well as Von, Beherit, and of course, Blasphemy. If you want to hear a quintessential example of “bestial black/death metal” then give this one a spin.