The Black Sorcery – ‘And The Beast Spake From Above’

Artist: The Black Sorcery

Title: And The Beast Spake From Above

Label: Krucyator Productions / Hammer of Damnation

Year: 2018

Review by JH

The Black Sorcery hail from Canada and features members from The Projectionist, Diabolus Amator, Thy Sepulchral Moon, etc.

This band gets promoted as bestial black/death (aka war metal), but this actually sounds more like brutal blackened death metal if you ask me.
Sure, there are black/death elements present in the guitars and the way they are played; I can hear traits from bands like Revenge, Archgoat, and so on — but the vocals are a bit uncommon for this style: they are of the low gutteral type, which is usually more fitting for brutal death/grind; nevertheless, they are well-executed.

There’s a touch of keys interspersed throughout to give the music some depth and atmosphere, and also some higher piercing shrieks that break through. The few solos that pop up are pleasantly enjoyable, but are brief and rare. The band plays mostly fast, delivering heavy chops of apocalyptic chainsaw riffs that would cut you in half, paired with hard-hitting drums that pounds the skull like a hammer.

“And The Beast Spake Death From Above” is good for what it is and has a kind of cavernous quality quintessential to the music they’re playing. A vicious slab of aural sickness that serves as the ideal soundtrack to hunting humans. Fans of bands like Anima Damnata, Anal Blasphemy, Heresiarch, and the like, check this out.