Wargrinder – ‘In Suicidal Triumph’

Artist: Wargrinder

Title: In Suicidal Triumph

Label: Nykta

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Originating from Greece, the one-man Icelandic-based powerhouse known as Wargrinder belt out their second full length album entitled In Suicidal Triumph: an offering of nine punishing tracks of hard-hitting black/death that never lets up.
Right from the word go, your senses are ensnared in an array of aural chaos as merciless drumming takes the forefront, blasting away at inhuman speeds that will make your jaw drop. Yes, this guy can beat the shit out his drumkit. Not only does Terry …


Interview: ‘Blackdeath’

Starting as Draugwrath in 1995 and then as Black Draugwrath and finally changing to BLACKDEATH in 1998, the band from Russia has released some truly cult classics in the orthodox black metal underground. Their latest offering “Gift” from 2015 has added to their already stellar discography, thereby, maintaining the band’s reputation of being among the ones who have stayed true to the blackened path through the years. Pulak Chakraborty interviewed Abysslooker to talk on all things BLACKDEATH.
Infernal Hails. Let’s …


Dream Death – ‘Journey Into Mystery’

Artist: Dream Death

Title: Journey Into Mystery

Label: New Renaissance Records

Year: 1987

Review by Tërrørgåsm

This one is a true classick, and for this review, the timeline is an important factor in considering the material presented. In 1988, I was just starting the 6th grade and had discovered the writing of H.P. Lovecraft in the school library; he had immediately become my favourite writer, and my mind was constantly immersed in the arcane realms of eldritch cosmic horror and obsessed with necrotic rituals, haunted by undying beasts, in addition to coming into the age of …