Blessed Death – ‘Kill or be Killed’

Artist: Blessed Death

Title: Kill or be Killed

Label: Megaforce Records

Year: 1985

Review by Mike Keller

This album here, is one of the root causes for my band, Sacrificial Blood. A few months ago, I had a conversation with Mike from Cianide about how this album along with “Tales Of Terror” by Hallows Eve were borderline death metal for the era in terms of pushing thrash metal to its absolute limits in terms of aggression and intensity, along with an atmosphere obsessed with death, violence, horror ― and everything dark and morbid. The very first time …


Medieval – ‘Medieval Kills’

Artist: Medieval

Title: Medieval Kills!

Label: New Renaissance Records

Year: 1987

Review by Mike Keller

This is another band I have liked for what seems like aeons now, that recently has seemed to have risen in popularity amongst metalheads in general. Medieval hailed from Kalamazoo Michigan of all places and actually made a bit of noise in the early 80’s underground scene (they were worshipped by the legendary Bob Muldowney of Kick Ass Monthly Fanzine, appeared on Metal Massacre vol 4, along with a few of the New Ren comps), they released a few awesome …


Sad Iron – ‘The Antichrist’

Artist: Sad Iron

Title: The Antichrist

Label: Dutch Steel

Year: 1985

Review by Mike Keller

This is a cool band I have been a fan of for some years now that recently have been unearthed from obscurity by the internet haha. Sad Iron were from Holland and formed in 1979. Like most bands they underwent lineup changes early on and did the usual local gigs and had apparently won some kind of contest and ended up on a live compilation LP called Holland Heavy Metal Vol. 1 in 1982, then would record their debut (and …


Burnt Offering – ‘Burnt Offering’

Artist: Burnt Offering

Title: Burnt Offering

Label: Walkthrufyre Productions Inc

Year: 1989

Review by Mike Keller

So if my praisings of the Hounds didn’t do it for you, or you’re one of those “That was great and all Mike, but let’s get to the scary” haha, this should be more to your liking. Also from Chicago, but the next generation after the Hounds, Burnt Offering rose to prominence in that area in the latter half of the 80’s, cut a demo or two, released this album, and from what I know anyway have never really gone …


Hounds – ‘Unleashed’

Artist: Hounds

Title: Unleashed

Label: Columbia Records

Year: 1978

Review by Mike Keller

So my opening review has already probably thrown a few of you, “NO DEATH METAL? NO THRASH!?!?” If you aren’t just flat out thinking “Who the fuck are Hounds?” ha, but hopefully after reading this your interest will be piqued to go check this album out. The late 70’s were an interesting time for Rock N Roll. Being that the general public’s interests were generally fixated on Disco and New Wave, it was a best/worst times situation for Hard Rock …